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by: Jeremy Rwakaara

  1. Have a coherent (but brief) mission statement that will help you establish a CTA (call-to-action). For example: “My mission is to provide reliable tour booking services to global travelers at competitive rates.”
  2. Know your market and produce a short audience statement that helps you define your visitors. For example: “My Company creates packages to attract adventure travelers so they can explore the world better.”
  3. Consider your return on investment (ROI). How will your website be leveraged to get you more customers or clients, and how will you evaluate and measure your results?
  4.  Be clear about what you need from your website, which will help determine the platform you choose. Most clients simply know they desire a website, but are frequently unclear about the exact objectives.
  5. Make sure you have most of your content (e.g. text, photos, videos, resources, etc) ready or available before reaching out to web designers. The process to launch can take much longer than you anticipate if you delay in getting the necessary materials to your design team.
  6. Enquire as to the quality of hosting your web designer will be using. Which hosting company you employ is extremely important for overall site security and uptime.
  7. Site speed. Consider your content and design carefully in order to make sure your pages load quickly. If pages take too long to display, visitors will leave and go to your competitor.
  8. Plan to budget for site maintenance or updates as your business grows and technology evolves.
  9. Copyright and permission. Ensure that any images, logos, audio, videos, etc., you use on your website will be paid for or are otherwise royalty-free.
  10. Find several websites you admire and arrange to share what you like about them with your web designer.

Now that you have an understanding of what you need before building your website, you’ll be well equipped to commence upon the task of constructing an impressive website with your web design company.