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Hello! We are husband and wife team Jeremy Rwakaara and Natalie Brown

Looking forward to working with you!

Uganda Website Design was established to serve the small business and entrepreneur community.

We are husband and wife team Jeremy Rwakaara (Uganda) and Natalie Brown (Canada). We’re happy to meet you and help you with your online business needs!

About Natalie:

Born into an entrepreneurial home, I come from a long history of being involved in the small business world. I started working in my father’s business from the tender age of 8 and have been involved in entrepreneurial efforts since that time. I attended University in Canada for my undergraduate degree and then had the chance to attend College in the Silicon Valley in California during the late 90s. During this time I got involved in the arts and entertainment sector as a musician and discovered my love for web design in San Francisco during the ‘dot com boom’. After the ‘bust’ I moved on to work with a boutique marketing firm in the Maryland / Washington, DC region of the United States for 8 years. After moving back to my homeland of Canada in 2009, I resolved to start a niche company focused on small businesses.

My focus areas are: website design, graphic design, video and photo editing and social media strategy implementation.

About Jeremy:

I have spent most of my life in the music business as a music producer, manager, writer, engineer, author and lecturer. The genesis of coming to work in the internet technology realm was from my interactions with music artists all over the United States. In 2001 my wife and I founded our US company MBSTIA to help artists transition into the digital realm. We spoke at seminars and conferences all over the USA teaching them how to embrace digital technology to promote themselves. As we put on workshops and consulted with artists, we realized that many of them lacked the marketing materials necessary to promote themselves and decided this was a great niche for us to step into and take our skills to help others.

In 2006, after some company re-structuring, MBSTIA emerged as a multi-service company providing website development, customized web and print graphic design, social media promotion/strategy and marketing consulting. In 2009 we opened our Canadian sister company Small Business Website Canada to help businesses in the Canadian market and in 2017 I was happy to bring our skill sets, unique strategies and technology to my home country of Uganda.

My focus areas are: branding strategy, business strategy, content strategy, copywriting, search engine optimisation, search engine marketing, PPC, marketing strategy (offline/online) and campaign design.

Uganda Website Design exists to help Ugandan entrepreneurs and businesses establish a presence on the World Wide Web. With more and more Ugandans getting online and using smart phone, tablet and other devices to access the internet and searching for information on local businesses, being online to attract and engage customers is essential.

In our world, the term “small businesses” encompasses entrepreneurs and small companies of all kinds, so be sure to contact us today to discuss your needs. Let us support you in establishing your online presence.

Your Team!

We are what’s recognized as a ‘digital agency’. This means that we work via the web with freelance professionals to develop and complete your projects. We are a business with a global reach and love for networking, leveraging a team of outstanding professionals to get your job completed. If the need arises during the project, we can facilitate meetings via email, phone and Skype and in person near Kampala, Uganda.

Contact Us

Feel free to send us an email or call to discuss your website project.

Make sure you have checked out our basic package details and any add-ons you might need so you are familiar with them before we speak.

How we work with you.

You're Lacking A Website. We Can Solve Your Problem By Building A Professional One For You Quickly and at a Fair Cost.

In order to make this service cost-efficient, we work in this manner:

  1. You devote some time to reviewing our site, where you can find information that answers most of your queries and stimulates ideas about your needs.
  2. When ready, email us with details about your project specifications.
  3. Once we receive your email and have gathered information about your project via our website intake form, we can arrange a 15 minute discovery phone call, WhatsApp Call or Skype Voice call to discuss your project and talk with you about how we can help. A meeting can be set up in instances where face-to-face interaction aids in the clarification of details.
  4. After we determine and settle on the pricing, we can meet to sign the contract and collect payment deposit  (which is refundable minus any transaction fees within 48 hours if you change your mind).
  5. We begin to work on your project. The rest of our work together can be accomplished utilizing calls, emails, and online file delivery (minimizing meetings); with the balance payable before your website is published live on the world wide web.

In our many years of designing websites for businesses around the world, we have established this to be the most efficient system to get projects completed on time and within budget.