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Our Basic Package and Pricing

We offer 1 pre-set package. If you need more features such as eCommerce, Blogs or other features you can purchase add-on features this package if you need them. If you would like help building a cloud based website on platforms such as Squarespace, Wix, Weebly or another system, please allow us to assist you.
If the package below does not meet your exact needs, please contact us to discuss your project and get a custom quote for your website.

Need Website Hosting and Software Maintenance?

We offer website hosting and software maintenance services to keep your website online and running smoothly.

Our cutting-edge solutions provide 99.95% reliable uptime, which means your website will experience less than 1% downtime on a yearly basis increasing customer trust.

The number one cause of websites being hacked is out of date software and no regular software maintenance or security being done on your website. Our hosting package combines hosting with website software maintenance services. Our maintenance solutions provide you with updates to your website platform (the framework we build your site on) and updates to any additional software we may have installed on your site.

Website hosting and software maintenance starts at 385,000 UGX per year (12 months) for basic hosting and website software maintenance for a single website of up to 10 single website pages.

The final price is based on how many pages and additional software features your website has. Please contact us for a website software maintenance quote if you have more than 10 pages or have additional software, galleries or blogs installed on your website. 

Please contact us for a website hosting and software maintenance quote.

Need Website Software Maintenance?

Do you currently have website hosting but are not maintaining your CMS website software or plugin packages? Don’t get hacked! The number one cause of websites being hacked is out of date software and no regular software maintenance or security being done on your website. We offer website software maintenance services. Our maintenance solutions provide you with updates to your website platform (the framework we build your site on) and updates to any additional software we may have installed on your site. Prices start at 240,000 UGX per year for basic website software maintenance for a website of up to 10 single website pages with basic plugins installed. The final price is based on how many pages and additional software features your website has. Please contact us for a website software maintenance quote if you have more than 10 pages or have additional software, galleries or blogs installed on your website. Please contact us for a website software maintenance quote.

Need Website Content Updates (Text and Images)?

We offer website update services! Our content update services provide you with updates to your text , images and products (if you have a store). You provide us with the text, images and product information and we can input that for you to take that chore off your hands. Talk to us about your needs if you want regular site content updates. We will give you a pricing quote for this service based on the volume of updates that you think you will have per month.  Please contact us for a website content update quote.

Need More Features? No Problem!

Let UG Website Design customize your site the way you want it. Call or email for details and pricing. Please note that you will get a custom quote for all add-on services based on your exact needs. The prices below show the starting prices only, but prices vary based on size and scope of your website and add-on.

Graphic Design Services Available

Building Websites on other Platforms

Contact Us

Feel free to send us an email or call to discuss your website project.

Make sure you have checked out our basic package details and any add-ons you might need so you are familiar with them before we speak.

How we work with you.

You're Lacking A Website. We Can Solve Your Problem By Building A Professional One For You Quickly and at a Fair Cost.

In order to make this service cost-efficient, we work in this manner:

  1. You devote some time to reviewing our site, where you can find information that answers most of your queries and stimulates ideas about your needs.
  2. When ready, email us with details about your project specifications.
  3. Once we receive your email and have gathered information about your project via our website intake form, we can arrange a 15 minute discovery phone call, WhatsApp Call or Skype Voice call to discuss your project and talk with you about how we can help. A meeting can be set up in instances where face-to-face interaction aids in the clarification of details.
  4. After we determine and settle on the pricing, we can meet to sign the contract and collect payment deposit  (which is refundable minus any transaction fees within 48 hours if you change your mind).
  5. We begin to work on your project. The rest of our work together can be accomplished utilizing calls, emails, and online file delivery (minimizing meetings); with the balance payable before your website is published live on the world wide web.

In our many years of designing websites for businesses around the world, we have established this to be the most efficient system to get projects completed on time and within budget.

What Our Clients Are Saying

Don’t just take it from us, let our customers do the talking!

“The website has given my business more visibility and now I have customers who are not on Facebook. Before the website, it was hard for my current clients to refer their friends, especially those not on Social Media because they had no idea what an actual basket of vegetables that I was offering looked like. Thank you!”

Sandra Ejang

Organic Farmer and Beekeeper, Bountiful Baskets Uganda

“I have worked with Jeremy and Natalie on several website and graphic design projects over the past few years. They are always great in consulting with me to find the best solution for my needs and always deliver on time and on budget. Their website maintenance plan takes the burden off me to have to worry about the safety and security of my websites. I recommend them because bottom line, they are the best to work with.”

Dixion Rwakasyaguri

Clinical Data Manager, ACRO Clinical

“Natalie and Jeremy did an excellent job for us. Professional but with care and personal attention. Worth the money.”
Laura Fagiano & Nicholas Patel

Co-Owners, Fullbore Africa

"Their skill and workmanship is amazing."
Nathan Tindyebwa

Nathan Tindyebwa – Tour Company Operator

“If you are looking to brand yourself online, create a website that suits your brand, Natalie and Jeremy are the right people to work with. They are dedicated to their work and their skill and workmanship is amazing. Totally Recommended! Keep it up guys.”

"It truly has improved the visibility and professionalism of our organisation."

Anne-Marie and Emma of Yimba Uganda

Anne-Marie and Emma Kusaasira – Co-Founders – Yimba Uganda

“Natalie and Jeremy truly went above and beyond to create us the website of our dreams! They had incredible attention to detail, creating us an attractive, engaging site that is easy for our sponsors, partners and members to navigate. The customer service was on another level. Thanks again for our amazing website!! We love it so much and it truly has improved the visibility and professionalism of our organization. We have had such positive feedback from partners and sponsors regarding our site! We would enthusiastically recommend Uganda Website Design to anyone looking for someone to assist with website or graphic design work. They are true professionals!”

"Exceptional service!"
Christine Apio Turner Events

Christine Apio – Owner, Turner Events

“Developing a business website in Uganda is not as easy as you may think. However, I would like to commend the exceptional service rendered by Natalie and Jeremy of Uganda Website Design in developing my business website for Turner Events. They have great customer service, prices are affordable, deliver on time and even go an extra mile to show you on how to go around with the necessary steps. I have many good things to say but you can also testify by yourself, you won’t regret.”

"They are so efficient, knowledgeable and professional."
Reflexology Expert

Judit Thom – Reflexologist

“After we had a conversation on Skype and I felt immediately connected and I knew Natalie and Jeremy would understand what I want in my website. Working with UG Website design was super easy. They are so efficient, knowledgeable and professional. They have lots of patience and it’s great to work with them. They made me feel at ease and explained and showed every possibility to develop the great website I wanted. UG Website Design is accountable and delivers to the highest and always on time. I can not recommend them enough.”

Frequently Asked Questions

What is your last price?
We believe in up front pricing. The pricing you see listed in the quotation we give you is the price for an item, with room for negotiation on some items. If you need pricing for something not listed, please email us to get in touch for custom pricing.
Why is the price expensive?
Expensive is relative. You can find a cheaper price for just about anything, but you get what you pay for and we believe that your business deserves the best in terms of service, products and expertise.

From our interactions with hundreds of clients, there were a few key struggles we identified:

  1. Unfortunately, many website design companies will quote you a low price but then present you with ‘surprise’ costs as your project is in development. We do not believe in this practice. We offer our customers a detailed, itemized quotation and contact which will outline everything that is included in your website design and also outlines any additional costs that may occur. The price you get for a website from us will not change unless you add more services while we are developing your site. Any addons are agreed to by both parties in writing if they are added on. There are no surprise costs, no ‘holding your website hostage’, no funny business. We are straightforward and honest and believe in being upfront about pricing for projects.
  2. Some web design and/or hosting companies lack the server power, security protocols and technical frameworks that best serve a modern website. We cannot tell you how many clients we met with websites that were hacked due to lack of secure hosting and no backups were available. Our best in class hosting is provided by the servers we lease from the USA with the latest technology and security implemented. The service includes several backups of your site files and database on a daily basis and 24/7 security scanning for malware, brute force attacks on your website, virus injection attempts, and more.
  3. We provide copy review services with every website we build so that if your site is in English, it will read properly with excellent grammar, spelling and sentence structure. How many times have you visited a website to find incorrect spelling, poor grammar, etc.? If you are doing business in English, we will make sure your content is presented in a grammatically correct manner.
  4. While some websites here have ‘mobile versions’, most are not actually mobile responsive. All of the websites we build are certified Responsive Web Design (RWD). What this means is that we design your site with our mobile responsive framework to deliver an experience that is suitable for the display type (Desktop, Laptop, Tablet & Smartphone). For example: in Uganda, since data is expensive, we have the ability to display a version of your website that is more text based and can take out images to improve load times so that a person can view your website quickly. If the website is viewed on a Desktop or Laptop we can design the website to display images or other items that take time to load. For tablet and smartphone users we can program a different experience for a user so that they can load your website quickly. Our websites respond to the device they are being viewed on. We find this to be a crucial element to using your website to market effectively in Uganda since data and bandwidth are at a premium. If your website visitor has to wait a long time to view your website, they will probably abandon and click off somewhere else.
  5. We deliver world class, timely customer service to you, our treasured customer. One of the biggest complaints from people we consulted with was that once the money was handed over for the project, designers disappeared, did not deliver on time, added extra fees unexpectedly or didn’t really care about the customer or the project. We stand by our service. We have frequent communication with you regarding the project, we promise to meet deadlines and we produce high quality websites. What we say we will do, we will do. We outline everything with our quoting system and contract so everything is upfront and above board. You know who you are dealing with, exactly what you will get for the money you pay and we can be trusted with your project. We understand the importance of trust and delivering what is promised.
  6. We have many years of experience designing websites for dozens of business niches. With our combined experience and worldwide contacts we can accomplish any sort of website design/development project you would like and we bring to the table a full suite of services such as: graphic design, website marketing, social media consultation, audio services, video services and more.

So while our pricing may be higher than average for this market, you get unparalleled service and a project that will be delivered on budget and on time.

How do I pay for my website?
We accept the following payment methods.

  • Credit Card or PayPal online (PayPal)
  • Bank Deposit / Transfer
  • Cash
  • Mobile Money

You will receive an invoice to pay and a receipt for your records.

We do not accept cheques.

Can we meet in person to discuss my project?
We try to do as much discussion about your project as we can by phone and email as these methods are the best for us to get an idea of your project and needs in order to determine if we are the best fit for you. Email communication gives a clear, written directive of services and features needed that can easily be reviewed when discussing your project.

If we are close to agreeing to work together but you want to meet in person to discuss fine points before contract signing, that can be arranged. We are a virtual office so we would meet in Kisimenti or Ntinda to have any in person discussion. In person meetings cost time, money and end up adding to extra cost to your projects, so we like to minimize in person meetings so you can save money.

Once you are a client we can meet on an as needed basis, however we prefer to do most communication by email or phone as it is much more efficient and cost effective for your project.

How can we make our (infrequent) meetings more beneficial?
Since we need to spend a lot of time doing work for clients, meetings should be minimized unless necessary. In order for meetings to be productive, here are some guidelines we adhere to:

  1. Meetings should have a clear agenda (what precisely we’re meeting about, not just, “hey, let’s meet to talk”).
  2. Meetings should be about decisions, not discussions (discussions can be conducted via phone calls, emails, texts, Skype calls).
  3. Meetings should have time limits (for the meeting as well as each agenda item).
  4. Meetings should resolve with everybody identifying what was agreed to and what the next steps are.
What is your refund policy?
We offer no-questions-asked refunds to all customers within 48 hours of your purchase (minus any transaction fees imposed by mobile money or other payment system used). If you change your mind, then simply send us an email and we will refund your purchase right away. Our goal has always been to create happy, thriving customers. If your project has already started you can cancel, however your 50% deposit is non refundable once work has started on your project.
Do I have to use your hosting service?
No, you do not have to host with us. Please understand that if you do not host with us, you do not get these features:

  1. No website hosting on world-class servers
  2. No security monitoring
  3. No malware monitoring
  4. No mobile responsive theme license (after 12 months, you will pay an extra 325,000 UGs if you want a license)
  5. No content management security and feature updates
  6. No software or plugin updates
  7. No daily site backups (unless your hosting provider supplies them)
  8. No email accounts (unless your hosting provider supplies them)

If you decide to host with another company but want us to build your site, please let us know in advance so we can check out the server specifications of your hosting company to make sure they are compatible with the type of website we build.

What happens when my 12 months hosting is finished?
After your 12 months hosting contract is expired, you are free to move to another compatible hosting platform or extend with us. If you host yourself you will need to buy a license to use the mobile responsive framework if you want to update your theme in the future. The cost you would need to pay for this license would be 325,000 UGX per year or 1,000,000 UGX for a lifetime license. We can provide you with details. You will need a credit card to pay for the license.

Don't Be Shy

If we didn’t answer all of your questions, feel free to drop us a line anytime.