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Linda Pacienza – My Sister Knows Beauty Blog

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Website designed for an international client.

Website Design


Day Turnaround

Amazing Result

Extra Features Purchased By Client


Blog Integration

The client needed a blog with several categories for her website.

Mailing List Integration

Our client wanted to incorporate a mailing list system into her site.

Mailing List Opt-In

Our client needed a mailing list opt-in popover created for her website.


Export Posts from Existing Blog

Our client wanted us to do a complete re-design of her old blog, so we were able to export all of her old posts and categories and import them into her new blog website.

Affiliate Marketing + AdSense Consulting

Our client wanted to monetize her blog so we did research and help her set up with key affiliate programs  and AdSense to monetize her blog.

Business Strategy Consulting

Our client engaged us to discuss business strategy for her online blog business. We were able to offer her insight and ideas on how to successfully market her blog.

Branding Assets Design

Our client needed us to design business cards for her.


Logo Design

The client chose to have us design a logo for her business identity.


Content Updates

Our client chose to have us input text and image content updates for her as well as do proofreading.