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Yimba Uganda

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Website designed for a Uganda based Non-governmental organization. Yimba Uganda is a youth-run non-government organization that equips Ugandan youth with sustainable income generating skills through vocational training and education.

Website Design

Consulting and Business Strategy

Day Turnaround

Amazing Result

Extra Features Purchased By Client

Donation Integration

Our client wanted us to create a PayPal integration to offer donation packages and encourage one time donations.

Branding Assets Design

Our client needed us to design postcards and other print materials for their awareness campaign.


Consulting & Strategy

Our client needed us to consult with them on re-branding strategy, business strategy, financial strategy and long term planning strategy. We worked with our client to revise branding, mission, financial plans and 5 year outlook.

Video Content Creation

Our client needed us to film them for some pieces to be used for the website and online promotion. We did the planning with them, filming and post production.

Extra Image Galleries

Our client had many images they wanted to showcase so we implemented extra galleries for them.

Video Gallery

Our client had videos from YouTube which they wanted to showcase so we set up a video gallery for their website.

Etsy Shop Integration

Our client wanted to integrate their Etsy shop on the website which we did for them.

Social Media Integrations

Our client wanted to integrate their Instagram and Facebook accounts into their design which we did for them.


Mailing List Setup and Integration

Our client wanted to set up an email newsletter and integrate that into their new website which we did for them.

Fully Managed Website Hosting and Maintenance

As a part of the Yimba team, we host their website and do all website software maintenance and security for them.



We developed a series of training videos so the good folks at Yimba had the ability to update website content themselves.


Secure Socket Layer (SSL) Certificate

We installed an SSL Certificate for our client. SSL is the backbone of a secure Internet and it protects sensitive information as it travels across the world’s computer networks. SSL is essential for protecting a website, even if it doesn’t handle sensitive information like credit cards. It provides privacy, critical security and data integrity for both our clients’ websites and their users’ personal information.